Course Instructions

(The views given here are for the purpose of this training course and are therefore not necessarily the views held by the individuals)
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Please carefully read the following 'Guidance Notes':
* Please read the instructions in each section before you start - this will ensure you successfully complete the course.

* The course is split into six sections - A to F.

* The course will take you through a step-by-step process - tuition on individual subjects followed by questions on what you have just learnt. If you get the answer wrong you will be given help on how to answer.

* To navigate through the course please click the CONTINUE buttons. To Return to the start of a Section please use the Return button.

* You have to complete each section, answering all the questions correctly, before you can move onto the next section.

* You should allow approximately 45 minutes to complete the course.

* When you have finished the course you will be able to print off a certificate of completion.

This course will address the following objectives and learning outcomes so that you will be able to:

* State why child protection and safeguarding of vulnerable adults is necessary.
* Describe how policies and procedures should be implemented and why they are needed.
* Identify the different types of abuse.
* Identify your own feelings and that of others.
* Recall what to do when you receive information or have a concern.
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